1. Why this photo?: Another example of white on white with a little black for some taste.

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  2. Why this photo?: It’s fun how the focus is on the evo’s light, which is not that special but then when you look at it for some time you see the other 3 rides that are actually more special than the evo.

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  3. Why this photo?: 4 words: Hot rod, white sidewall

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  4. motoringexposure:

    The new Leib Egineering E92 GT300 based on the BMW 325i. Read the full specs at MotoringExposure.

    Why these photos?: Well yes, the shots are not exclusive or one of a kind but the car itself is. If the thing you’re taking pictures of, is special, the pictures will be special as well.

  5. Why this photo?: Well just look at the car, the ground and the gap between the two and it all becomes clear.

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  6. gdbracer:

    IMG_0814 by Dan Landoni on Flickr.

    Why this photo?: The alley of trees and the winding road in the background with the astonishing white+black supercar just takes your breath away.

  7. photofinish:

    2011 Aston Martin Vantage GT4 

    Why this photo?: Well, this is a good example of white on white goes well every time.

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  8. Why this photo?: Again, it’s not about the awesome photographic aspect of the shot but the car. A 356 always looks good on a photo.

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  9. Why this photo?: This photo is very good photographer’s work. It gives you the actual feeling that someone has taken a picture from the 1950’s and just made it colorful. 

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  10. rubbadubb:

    So cold.

    Why this photo?: I’m sorry but I will not try to explain why this is in the queue. You have 2 G-class mercs (both tuned) and a bugatti and then you have a white mansion behind it. What more could you want?!

  11. theautobible:

    Previa by Travis Cuykendall on Flickr.

    Why this photo?: Easy - the car in question. Now call me weird, call me too quiet but I am a person who loves family cars. I love when someone takes an estate version of a car and just slams it. Same with this minivan. 

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  12. Why this photo?: This photo uses the oldest trick in the book to catch your attention. Making the car which is already noticeable since it’s red and bringing it out with b&w as the background. Classic.

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  13. Why this photo?: In this 3 of my favorite things come together. Old architecture. The VW Passat CC - which is one of my favorite sedans and then there is airride, which just finishes everything off.

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  14. Why this photo?: Another of these shots where the most important part is not the photography but rather what’s in the photo. The pink-centered BBS RS-s sit perfectly next to the white canvas of the Golf 

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  15. average-avant:

    Lambo by WhitbeckPhoto.com on Flickr.

    Why this photo?: This one is not here for photographic purpose. It is an average shot but what makes it special is that it shows that proper aftermarket wheels make everything better - including a lamborghini

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